How To Hit A High Draw

How To Hit A High Draw

Let’s face it, hitting a beautiful high draw off the tee with your driver is something many of us dream of. Not only will you pick up distance, but it’s also a helpful shot to have in your bag for those dogleg lefts where you can significantly cut off distance to the pin by cutting the corner. Practicing this type of shot will also help your entire swing since it requires the crucial inside-to-out swing path. This is not an easy shot to master but we’re going to give you the tips and drills you need to add this spectacular shot to your golf game. With some practice on the driving range and determination you should be able to eventually master this shot and hit it with ease when needed.


So the first step to hit a high draw starts before you even swing. Your setup is very crucial to hit a high draw off the tee. All of these tips will take some guess, testing, and revising on the range. Let’s start with the simplest tip. Tee the ball higher than usual. By teeing the ball higher you’ll be able to hit your drive on the upswing, increasing your launch angle to get the high trajectory you’re looking for. On a side note, you should always try to hit your driver on the upswing to create a high launching drive with low spin to create optimal distance. In the case of hitting a high draw this is even more crucial. Experiment on the driving range with different tee heights to find your perfect trajectory.

Ball Position

To go along with your setup the next step is how you position yourself to the ball. To hit a high draw you should play the ball further up in your stance. Test this on the range by starting with lining the ball up with the inside of your left foot (for right-handed golfers), then hit about a dozen balls. The repeat this lined up perfectly with your left foot, then again on the outside of your left foot. All should produce slightly different results but by testing this on the range you’ll learn the best ball position. By place the ball further up in your stance than usual this allows you to rotate your hands and arms more through impact to create the draw you need. Again make sure you experiment with this, we’re looking for a high draw that only draws 5 yards to 15 yards tops. We want to avoid hooks, snap hooks, or dead out pulls left off the tee.

Inside-out Swing Path

Another great tip is to stand a bit further away from the ball at setup. This will allow you to create an inside out swing path which is one of the most crucial parts to hit your gorgeous high draw. This is once again something you’ll just have to test on driving range to figure out what distance away from the ball is comfortable and produces the best results.

So while on the subject of an inside-to-out swing path, let’s dig into that further. If you’re unsure of what exactly that means we’ll explain it a bit further. During your downswing you want the club head to feel like it’s going to the part of the golf ball that is closest to you. An outside-to-inside swing path creates the opposite golf shot, a slice or fade. Having an inside-to-out swing path will help your golf game in all aspects. If you’re looking for more tips on that check out our Top 5 Golf Swing Thoughts.

Importance In Grip

The last tip has to do with the grip. You may or may not need to do this but if you’re still struggling to hit your high draw off the tee after trying the above techniques give this last tip a shot for an added edge. Strengthen your grip at set up. This will help your hands and release and rotate through impact closing the face just enough to hit your perfect high draw. When we say strong grip or strengthening your grip, that just means that your right hand goes under the grip more showing more palm up and your left hand will show more of the top of your hand. An easy tip to measure this is when you look down at your normal grip, count how many knuckles you see on your left-hand. Most will see 2-3 knuckles. Now strengthen your grip so you see one more knuckle. Hit a dozen balls and see what happens. Then try it even more so you see all 4 knuckles of your left hand.

With this last tip, it’s very important to keep a loose grip during your golf swing. This will help your hands rotate through impact to create the draw you’re looking to hit. If you grip the golf club too tightly your hand won’t rotate naturally through impact and will most likely create a push to the right.

This shot isn’t something you’ll master overnight or during one range session, but it’s a great shot to have in your repertoire and it’s definitely worth taking the time during each practice session at the driving range to at least spend a quarter of the drives practicing these tips and this shot. It will definitely increase your distance off the tee and improve your overall golf swing. We hope this helps you lower your scores and wow everyone in your foursome!

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