Callaway Paradym Driver Review

Callaway Paradym Driver Review

I hadn't planned on putting a new driver in the bag for 2023. I went all of last season telling everyone, during lessons and club fittings, that the Rogue ST Max was not only Callaways best driver ever... but the best driver and fairway wood lineup I had every played. This all changed within the last 48 hours when I hit the Callaway Paradym.

At Address

The first thing I noticed was how good it looks at address. I thought maybe it was the sleek and sexy look of the blue carbon crown, but upon further research, Callaway engineers actually refined the shape. The 360° Carbon Chassis, which is a golf industry first, allows for unprecedented weight redistribution for incredible distance and maximum MOI (moment of inertia). The super combo of the Traxial Carbon Crown and Forged Carbon Sole is 44% lighter than a titanium chassis. All of that leads to amazing forgiveness in an already extremely playable driver.

A.I. Utilization in the Callaway Paradym Family

Amazing forgiveness is what I was after and what we should all be looking for, regardless of handicap. Every driver on the market today goes a mile, but how far and how straight does the ball travel when I miss hit it off the toe or heel? My misses average 4-5 MPH more ball speed and 500 RPM's less spin in comparison to my Rogue ST. That can be up to 15 - 20 yards more because I still maintained ideal launch angle. The Paradym boasts an all new A.I. designed face as well as a redesigned Jailbreak bar, also created with using Aritificial Intelligence. The "wishbone" Jailbreak system connects the sole and crown to provide more stability in both the horizontal and torsional direction. This allows the entire clubhead to be 33% lighter. Combine Jailbreak with the A.I. designed face and you have enhanced speed and launch, ideal spin, and now tighter downrange dispersion.

Paradym is also Callaway’s first driver to utilize Face Cup technology. That along with the Forged Titanium face produces a higher energy transfer to the ball than previous driver face inserts. Also present in the Paradym model is the return of the adjustable perimeter weight track. Depending on what position you slide the 15 gram weight to, you can see an average of 12-14 yards of shot shape correction. That is what I noticed the most when it came to ball flight properties with the Paradym. My go-to flight is usually a nice draw with the chance of hitting a big sweeping hook when I over-swing or my tempo says bye-bye. Any miss with the Paradym seemed to be a slight pull or push. Side-spin wasn’t really an issue which means way more carry distance than expected from a mediocre swing.


The other 2 models in the Paradym family are the Paradym X and the Paradym Triple Diamond. These two don’t feature the adjustable weight track. The Paradym X boasts a fixed 5 gram weight in the back towards the heel. This promotes a slight draw bias for the player who struggles with a slice. The Paradym Triple Diamond contains 2 weights that can be moved from front to back, and vice versa, depending on desired ball flight. In its standard setting, the Triple Diamond has the 14 gram weight positioned in the back and the 2 gram weight positioned in the front. These can be swapped to deliver a lower, more penetrating trajectory.

2022's Rogue ST Models

Last year’s Rogue ST offered 4 models:

Rogue ST Max – This model appealed to most players with its combination of high launch and low spin. In its neutral hosel setting, the Max still sat a degree or two closed.

Rogue St Max D – This model was the slice killer with the most draw bias for the high handicapper looking for the longest, straightest drives of their lives.

Rogue ST LS – LS for low spin for better players looking for a neutral face at address.

Rogue ST LS Triple Diamond – With a smaller, more compact footprint at 450cc’s, this was the ultimate player’s or tour pro’s design. The lesser forgiving model with an open face and more workability for the player who wants to shape shots…on purpose.

Which Paradym Model is Best for You?

This year with Paradym we have 3 models that will cover the bases that 4 did last season. The Paradym is 460cc with a modern look and neutral ball flight. That is unless you want to adjust the weight track. Think of this as last year’s Max and LS all in one. The Paradym X replaces the Rogue ST Max D. The X is your draw bias version at 460cc with a closed face and fixed draw-bias heel weight. While the Paradym is mid-high launch and low spin, the Paradym X delivers the highest launch with mid-low spin. It also sits a little more upright which also speeds up the toe on the down swing for a more square face at impact. The Paradym Triple Diamond is 2023’s player’s option. With a compact head at 450cc’s, it promotes the lowest launch and lowest spin.

Paradym Fairway Woods

Also returning to the fray is Callaway’s adjustable fairway woods. This really allows the player to dial in their lofts and properly gap the top end of their bag. This creates a uniform setup and distances with their hybrids and long irons. For instance, I’ve played a 4-wood the last few years in lieu of a 3-wood. Last year with the glued, bonded heads in the Rogue ST, I gamed the 3-wood HL which was a fancy way to say 4-wood at 16.5°. Because of the extra loft I was able to hit it easier off the turf than a traditional 3-wood and didn’t lose any distance. This allowed me to return to a club that I used to love but was absent from my bag for the last 10-15 years…a 7-wood. This set-up gives me a smooth transition right into my 4 iron and so on.

The Future

While tour pros will favor the Paradym Triple Diamond for its ability to work the ball in both directions, some will play the Paradym with its neutral shaping. After all, it’s nice to have forgiveness at any level. I opted for the Paradym because I already have a natural right-to-left shot shape but with a little loss of speed over the years, need a little launch and spin. A low spin driver is a fairway finder for me but I actually need a little spin to improve my carry distance and keep the ball in the air longer.

I gamed the Rogue ST LS for the first half last season and while my launch was perfect at 10°-12°, my spin was around 1800 rpm’s. That’s great for a player with 170 mph ball speed, but I make a living around 145 mph. Switching to the Max halfway through last year led to spin rates of around 2200 which increased my carry distance about 15 yards. This with the same ball speed of mid 140’s.

This year with the Paradym will be the best of both worlds; a neutral face at address and the ideal launch and spin numbers to really put me in play off the tee. Like I said in the opening; The Rogue ST was the best driver Callaway ever made…that is until I hit the Paradym.

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